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Promoting the CHURCH

in Arnold,


CHURCH on the Streets

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Need an encouragement?    Want to receive prayer?

Come along on a Saturday morning (from 10am) and join us at the top of the market outside the Methodist Church, and some of the team will pray for you - you'll recognise them as they will have ACT badges on.


If you have received prayer for healing from us, there are a number of things you should now do:


  • If you are on medication STAY on it, under NO circumstances should you stop doing anything a medical professional, or counsellor has advised. We are not medically trained, so please verify what has happened through them, and then TAKE THEIR advice.
  • If you are in a church already, please go and tell the leaders of the church the great news.
  • Tell people what God has done, and bring any friends or family along with you again. We will happily pray for them too, no matter what their condition or sickness, because nothing is impossible for God!
  • Also please let us know you have been healed. It would be a great encouragement to us if you could come back to and let us know you have been healed.

Want to get involved?


Download our information booklet that helps explain what we do and why we do it, then have a chat with your church leader/Minister.